Welcome to the world of Dip’nGrip – the handball glue which gives YOU control of your game.  This is truly an innovative product. Dip’nGrip cannot be compared with existing brands on the market. Dip’nGrip is a long-lasting handball glue with superior tack, and yet easy to remove afterwards with our waterbased floor cleaner.

Dip’nGrip is an official partner to the European Handball Federation – EHF – and Dip’nGrip is the approved handball glue for all European Championships.Dip’nGrip is also proud to be a partner with the Royal Spanish Federation (RFEBM), French Handball Federation (FFHB), and the Austrian Handball Federation (ÖHB).

All our products are manufactured avoiding unnecessary ingredients like perfumes, colourings and other articles, which may cause allergic reactions. In particular, our Dip’nGrip handball glue is free from colophony – an ingredient found naturally in tree-resin. Even brands claiming to be dermatological tested, contain high values of colophony.